Freshline sources their produce from the finest growers with the quality and integrity of the customer’s food in the forefront of their actions. Through a process of impeccable cold chain management, employees at the state-of-the-art facility receive, wash, cut, package, and ship your favorite fruits and vegetables right to your favorite food service or retail locations. Our team is able to complete the complex and rigorous process of cold chain management in the most efficient and time-saving way possible, allowing you to receive our produce quickly and perfectly packaged

Freshline’s products exemplify the relationship that food shares with family. We want our high quality food to bring people together. Our food is not only from the heart, but also convenient, ready to cook, and consistently colorful, tasty, and perfectly packed. Consistent, high-quality produce is what Freshline represents and brings to your dinner table. At Freshline, we make fast-food that is nutritious and fun for you and your favorite people.