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Our highly efficient production operation gives us the ability to process all orders just hours before they are shipped. Owning our own fleet of trucks allows us to deliver most orders next day, and in some cases even same day.


Freshline is SQF certified. Year after year the diligent work of our Quality Assurance team earns us top scores on food safety audits. We also employ a rigorous HACCP plan to ensure that all elements of our production process exceed any and all industry safety standards.


Freshline was the very first processor to provide some of the most popular products in today’s fresh cut market, such as vegetable noodles, rice, crinkle cuts, and various unique blends. We were also the first processor in the local market to supply organic fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.


We employ a team of highly skilled engineers who work around the clock to develop new machinery and production processes. This allows us to efficiently produce all major cut types and sizes, as well as develop new cuts to fit each of our customers’ specific needs.

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