Freshline uses several forms of packaging and packing materials throughout our supply chain. Some of these materials are made of plastics, cartons, or wood. To achieve our goal of minimizing our waste, we employ a Reuse or Recycle plan, when possible, and use environmentally-friendly materials, including biodegradables, as they become viable.

Sustainability includes using water in an efficient and responsible manner. Freshline has implemented programs for water recycling and improved processes to reduce overall usage.

Freshline is taking action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We work with our growers on sustainability initiatives and have been introducing cutting edge technology into our processing facilities that improve productivity which in turn leads to lower emissions.

Trade Association Membership:

Produce Marketing Association

Southeast Produce Council

United Fresh Produce Association

Northeast Produce Council

Quality Assurance Certifications:

SQF Code Edition 7.2

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Orthodox Union

Quality Controls:

  • All produce is grown on land free of recent animal husbandry
  • All produce is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act
  • All produce is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of any applicable state food and drug law
  • All produce is washed with water that meets US EPA or World Health Organization (WHO) microbial standards of drinking water
  • All produce is handled by workers that have been trained on proper washing procedures and sanitation
  • All produce if not domestic has certificates of produce safety from country of origin
  • Any pesticides or chemicals used by the undersigned on said produce comply with all rules and regulations of the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state regulations. Only pesticide chemicals authorized by all applicable state and deferral regulations have been used at authorized times and conformity with registration and label of the supplier.
    • Observe Food Safety Defense procedures as outlined in FDA 10/07 “Guidance for Industry; Food Processors & Transporters: Food Security Preventative Measures Guidance”.
    • To be able to provide written documentation, upon request, to support all items listed above, including documentation from any and all suppliers used to obtain said produce.

Annual Third Party Certified Audits by TUV SUD America Inc.
Monthly Internal Mock Recalls for Traceability
Regular USDA Facility and Product Inspections

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